Exclusive, single-pointed concentration

Technique: Continuously focus your full attention on a single object in your experience. When you notice that your attention has drifted from the intended object, simply bring it back to the object and start again.

The object can be a number of things, but it must be very specific and be a persistent part of your experience.

Examples of objects to focus on are:

-The sensation at the tip of your nose when breathing.

-A dot on the wall or floor in front of you.

-The sound of a metronome, a fan, an electrical buzz, any consistent tonal drone in your environment (Warning! If you have tinnitus don’t use this as your object, as it could make the ringing worse).

-A concentrated sensation of pain in the body (home in on the pain for as long as is bearable, but stop if you think you are doing any damage.)

This practice can also be used with relatively short lived sensations as well, like an itch. Try to go with your awareness into the itch, without scratching it and get to know it. It is important that if your object requires the use of hearing or feeling, you are focusing only on the sound or sensation of the object and not confusing this with the seeing of a mental image that the mind is likely to bind to your object. When hearing, only hear. When feeling, only feel. When seeing, only see.


Benefits: Obtain insight into the nature of impermanence + selflessness + emptiness + expansion & contraction. 
Strengthen concentration skills. Be able to quickly recognise when the mind becomes distracted. • Understand in great detail the subtleties that make up an experience  Achieve Access Concentration  Entre into an absorption state – become one with the object.  See pain as distinct from suffering. The possibility to be totally in the present moment.

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